There is a high chance your question will be answered below. If it isn’t, there is no charge for asking us a question – infact, it pays to ask.

There is also a high chance the answers below are frank and honest. The aim of this FAQ is to tell you what you should be hearing.

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    How much will a website by Cameron Media cost?

    We create bespoke projects – not ‘websites in a box’ so it’s a little harder for us to quote each project to exact round figures.

    As a general guide, expect something like the below indications:

      • Small business website: $1100-$2500
      • Comprehensive business site (videos/custom forms/many photos): $2500-$6000
      • E-commerce Shop website: $2500-$8000
      • Large organisation & .govt websites or custom projects: $5000+
      • Membership or custom purpose websites: $3500-$10,000+


    If you are representing a community organisation or an incorporated society – we have been known to donate time for good causes when the budget allows. Discuss with James about how Cameron Media can bring your organisation online.

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    Some companies are cheaper?

    There are alot of web companies out there who compete on price, some are very very cheap!

    These companies take a very ‘hands off’ approach to business websites from what we have seen – and rescued. This means they offer a much more basic website package and expect you or your staff to complete most of the site contents. Often this leads to frustration, incomplete and non-professional results.

    It is our professional recommendation you be cautious as to why some prices might appear very low. You get what you pay for. If you have not heard that line before, why are you in business?

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    Some companies are dearer?

    They certainly are. We have witnessed some very expensive quotes from customers who are concerned about the value they might receive. In reality, every project has a budget. It’s most important you get the best value and quite frankly, some web and media agencies are more focused on flash d├ęcor, swanky cars, premises and staff perks than on good value. Our design rate of $75.00 per hour is actually pretty good value and we don’t think you should be paying a designer or developer in excess of this.

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    What is web hosting?

    Website hosting is a necessary element of any web project. Think of your website as the letter and webhosting as the stamp. Without hosting – or stamps, you cannot deliver the letter – or website. Webhosting is metered in terms of data and costs of the data delivery are passed on usually as a small monthly cost – between $10 and $50 per month, in most circumstances.

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    I want my website to be at the top of Google

    Reality check – ‘top’ rankings can’t be bought, demanded, fluked or created. If you hear otherwise, they are spinning you a line.

    You can however, achieve really good Google rankings by taking a proactive approach to your website and online image. It takes time and effort to convince Google that your business is worthy of top rankings. Notice that I said business and not website? That’s right. Google’s rankings go beyond just what your website says. In fact, did you know Google’s search algorithm is the single most complicated mathematical equation ever created by man? That means it’s pretty fancy and also quite clever.

    Cameron Media can provide you with the correct path, the right consultation and even the right package to help you get really great Google results.

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    Do I need a mobile website? Or mobile app?

    Great question – you should plan for your website to be mobile friendly. There are two ways to achieve this.

    - Responsive design (your normal website scales down nicely to fit inside a mobile screen automatically)

    - Dedicated mobile website (your visitors get served a specific, smiple mobile version of your website when they land on it with a phone or tablet)

    Either one of these outcomes will mean your visitors get a really useful experience using your website on a mobile phone or a tablet screen. A mobile application or app, does not suit every business but can certainly be an exceptional way to get your market engaged. Talk to us for the details.

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    Can I edit my website myself?

    Certainly, we try to make it as easy as possible. We use the easiest to use CMS systems and make you a personal manual/guide for using the website backend.

    We are always there for support – just phone or email for things that might be a bit beyond your ability.

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    What is a QR code?

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    Should I use Facebook for marketing?

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    Do I need a blog?

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    Can I get YouTube videos on my website?

    Yes, you can – infact, you should do. YouTube is a great product and is also heavily used as a search engine. Also, by sharing your products or services with customers via video, your audience will build a deeper connection with your brand – and consumers will engage with and buy more from you.
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    How many pages does my website need?

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    What are keywords?

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    What questions should I be asking my developer?