How to brand a Facebook Page

Branding a Facebook page is one recent problem I came across in a clients social media campaign, and forced me to think hard and brainstorm some of the factors that contribute to successfully branding a Facebook page for maximum effect and minimal ongoing issues.

Since then, I have fielded a few emails from clients and SEM’s asking just how to brand a Facebook page, so I figured id document what I know and believe in a post.

For many brands entering Facebook with a business page, its pretty simple because the chosen Facbook page will reflect your offline business presence. For example, if your local store is ‘Joe’s Widget Shop’ then it makes perfect sense to name your page ‘Joe’s Widget Shop’.

For some, it isnt that cut and dried however, so here are 6 ideas I’ll share to help you think about some of the reasons why your Facebook business page might not be named to perfectly reflect your offline brand:

1) If you are part of a Franchise, are you legally allowed a Facebook page? Can you use your business name as it appears offline, on your business page?

2) To increase the likelihood of positive brand reinforcement, is it better to name your business with your web address in it? This might spur ‘likers’ to recall your website more readily. For example, ‘’

3) Should you keep the name integrated with existing social/web media? Quite possibly yes, this is a known SEO factor and helps Google’s bots to clear the blurs and clutter between offline businesses who establish a social presence.

4) Are you likely to change your brand or name? For example, Joe’s Widget Consulting Auckland, might not be any good if Joe grows to target a nationwide audience. Perhaps he should use ‘Joe’s Widget Consulting’ instead.

5) Keyword usage. Try not to get caught up in using keywords to brand your Facebook page. Keyword stuffing doesn’t provide long term benefits, so you should avoid it. Things like ‘Motel Auckland’ might seem like a sneaky trick to get some traffic, but long term they will harm your efforts and you might have to start over.

6) And the golden rule for branding your Facebook page: avoid the ‘obvious’ statements, don’t brand a page something like ‘Joe’s Widget Shop Facebook Page’. You might be surprised how often this happens. Social media wrist slap!