‘One Way vs. Two Way’ links

When working on the SEO aspects of a new or existing website, two sets of work exist for us. Firstly, we must work on the physical changes to the website itself. These are what we term ‘on-page’ SEO changes. The other type, arguably more important, is the ‘off-site’ SEO, which is things we do on other webpages, that benefit our website. Essentially, I mean links!

Traditionally, most link building used to be ‘two-way’ links (site A and site B link to each other), in which links were swapped with other sites to build credibility and SEO ranks. Now, the technique that works better is quality ‘one-way’ links (Site A might link to B, but B does not link to A). These do appear more natural to Google, and more realistic if a site is deemed to be better, or authoritative on it’s subject.