The best businesses should always be at the top of a Google search for a given market – so where are you sitting?

“This is the single biggest issue facing website owners today”

It can be highly frustrating when you have a great, market leading business, but you search in Google for the sorts of things your customers might use to find you – and you’re nowhere to be seen! You’re not alone, this happens all over the internet. More importantly, Cameron Media can help you turn this around and get seen.

68% of the traffic for a search term will not click through to page 2 search results, so unless you’re on page 1 where the action is, you are missing out.

SEO is the process of making your site ‘jump’ up ahead of other sites, in Google search. It has to be done cautiously, and carefully. Therefore results are typically seen after maybe 3 or 6 months, or a year for international projects in very competitive markets. But, the traffic from natural listings is FREE. This can make it an insanely profitable investment, when it’s done right.

Its always compounded by the fact that most web designers tell their clients their site will be built to feature right up the top of Search Engines like Google.

Unfortunitly, most Web Designers are wrong, stuck in the mentality of 1998, when competition was non-existent and high rankings could be fluked with ease.

  • Your web designer has told you ‘your site is built to rank highly’ and it isn’t
  • Websites target far to ‘broad’ topics and keywords, often without knowing (Again, your web designer exercising limited online marketing knowledge)
  • Often, the website may be great, but Google doesn’t even know it exists yet
  • Even if Google lists it in its index of sites, it doesn’t show it up front where the eager traffic is
  • When your site does show up, its for keywords that you don’t always want
  • Most business owners don’t even know which keywords they should be showing up for! (The ‘money’ search terms)

Today, the bones of the site are barely a single element in a complete approach that involves so much more in order to bring SEO results. Our  approach makes your total online presence better, in order to rank higher.

Cameron Media offers a complete, targeted approach to SEO services that net you huge improvements in search engine rankings for most markets. If you’re looking for local SEO, New Zealand wide or for International markets, we can help you.

Some of Cameron Media’s SEO work has specifically covered:
  • New Zealand targeted SEO for clients in the fishing industry, recreational and commercial
  • Nelson targeted SEO for accommodation and motels
  • New Zealand targeted SEO for tourism, tours and Hotel accommodation
  • New Zealand targeted SEO for Tax Agency’s
  • New Zealand targeted SEO for computer support
  • Internationally targeted SEO for pet information
  • USA targeted SEO for tattoo websites
  • Internationally targeted SEO for specific social networking niches
  • Auckland targeted SEO for data backup and computer software
  • Christchurch targeted SEO for accommodation and motels
  • NZ targeted SEO for Google products and search engine advertising
  • Nationally targeted (Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin) SEO for retail products, including NZ made clothing
  • Nelson targeted SEO for Accounting products
  • Nelson SEO for business administration support and services
  • Nationally targeted SEO for Engineering, landscaping equipment and steel services
  • USA, Australian and UK targeted SEO campaigns for Technology Forums
  • National SEO for boat and marine services
  • International SEO for weight loss and health products
  • International SEO for fitness and bodybuilding niches

“Google’s algorithm, which reads webpages and ranks them, is touted as the single most advanced mathematical equation ever produced by man. In short, its pretty good at knowing who’s good and who’s not. There are no tricks in its armour. Your whole online presence simply has to be better than the next, in order to jump ahead.”

James Cameron