These terms of trade constitute Site Jet Limited (trading as Cameron Media), (“Us”, “We”, “Our”) standard terms of trade & engagement.

Conducting business with Cameron Media constitutes acceptance of these terms of trade.

From time to time, we may update these terms. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that these terms still meet and align with your own expectations.

1) Website construction:

Client requirements for new web design projects shall be quoted and discussed, detailing proposed website design, consulting or marketing services.
Clients agree to make required information, content, data, images and resources available to Cameron Media in a timely manner so that we can also fulfil our obligations to create your new website.
We will use our reasonable endeavours to deliver the proposed website design, consulting or marketing services to you in accordance with the proposal and quote.
The proposal or quote is based upon information that you provide to us. Therefore, you must make sure that you fully brief us on all matters. If project requirements are not disclosed or change materially, we reserve the right to present revised estimates of work, invoice for further costs, or cancel a project subject to our discretion.

Cameron Media will invoice costs for work completed, on a monthly basis, or as agreed. Clients agree to pay all invoiced costs on the standard terms of trade being due not more than 20 days after invoice date. We reserve the right to charge interest costs of 15% p/a on overdue accounts, as well as collection costs for overdue invoices.

2) Existing websites:

Engaging website improvements, upgrades, enhancement or modification work with Cameron Media is conducted at our discretion. Changes to existing websites are undertaken at the clients risk and beyond the standard protection of applicable New Zealand legislation, Cameron Media offers no warranty as to the risks associated with the modification of such property. Clients agree to indemnify Cameron Media from any action to be taken as a result of requested changes to existing websites, intellectual property or files.
The client agrees to pay for services relating to this work, at the agreed rate (quoted rate). Documents, websites or other property created or enhanced by Cameron Media remains in it’s legal possession until full payment has been made for such property.
Clients accept that failure to pay invoiced costs for these services by the due date, may result in collection costs & interest being charged at 15% p/a by Cameron Media, to be paid by the client.

3) Web Hosting:

Cameron Media charges agreed web hosting (data) fees for transfer of website data to users who request it. Cameron Media charges monthly fees for this service at agreed rates with the client. Failure to pay these charges may result in your data provision service being cancelled or suspended by us. Collection costs of outstanding web hosting fees may be added to any invoices, payable by the client in full.

Clients agree to a minimum 12 month term for web hosting, from the completion date of any new website created by Cameron Media. Cancellation of the website or hosting service after this time can be initiated with 2 months notice required. Transfer or supply of website files or domain names after cancellation will be charged out at the standard rate of $85 per hour NZD.

Clients requiring direct access to their servers can be provided with access details via FTP, SSH or PHP MyAdmin to databases. Clients accept full and total liability for any actions taken by them (or their 3rd parties) when accessing our servers or editing any data held on our servers – in particular shared servers where other clients sites may be affected by such actions. Cameron Media reserves the right to recover full and total costs in such situations and charges the rate of $160 per hour to address any issues as a result of this external access. When conducted outside of normal business hours or under urgency, this rate will be billed at $320.00 per hour. Cameron Media reserves the right to revoke any server, domain or DB access at its discretion when we believe the safety or integrity of our servers and data may be compromised or at risk.

Clients can elect to change or move their website to a more suitable server should limitations in their current hosting situation arise, by way of a minimum of 2 weeks notice to Cameron Media. Clients accept that uploading files or content to CMS websites may automatically result in their hosting plan being upgraded when limits are exceeded, and agree to be billed accordingly. Cameron Media will notify clients of such changes when they may arise.