Ask yourself if you need a bare bones, slap bang ‘website in a box’ or a quality product that is the outcome of exceptional service.

We want to offer you the latter. If you require the former, we are not for you.

That’s not to suggest we are expensive – quite the opposite. What you will find when you hire us for your web project, is efficiency and exceptional end results. Keep reading down the page to get a perspective on what we know about websites. Cameron Media websites start from $1100 + GST.




We use the latest web technology:



100% Commitment to online results for your business

What components do most web packages include?


A dedicated Mobile or a Responsive website has the ability to lead customers directly to your business location. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we all use and access the web. Simple, clean design is the best way to convert these users into leads.


Business-class website and mobile site hosting is crucial to people using your website seamlessly. Think of web hosting as the data plan on your phone – without the a data plan, you cannot use your phone. Without hosting, you cannot serve your website to visitors.


Cameron Media can create professional personalised email addresses for you and your staff or .com. These are the official, personal way to ensure your presence communicates to your customers.


There is often more required than just a great website. Cameron Media are experts in getting more users to your website. In fact much of our work involves consulting on online advertising and marketing. We offer results driven packages to increase qualified traffic.


Many of our customers rely on us to suggest, locate and register their domain name – the name where your website sits eg. You are billed yearly for the lease right to use a domain name, between $29 and $49 per year.


Our websites are built with updates in mind. We can train you or your staff to access the website admin area and perform basic and not-so-basic updates, securely. This flexibility means your website can grow and evolve as your business does.